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ANUBHOOTI, is The Social Internship Programme offered by Think India, since 2012, in association with some of pioneering Social Organisations which works at the grass-roots level of the society.
Think India, is a pan India forum of researchers, students, faculty and alumni of national institutes, is an initiative started in 2006. to bring together the best talents of the country and to infuse in them a ‘Nation First attitude. Think India organises workshops, conventions on national and regional Level along with Local chapters organising programmes on campuses to deliberate on Indiacentric issues and doing sewa activities in and around campus.
ANUBHOOTI’s genesis ties in the interactive session with Social Entrepreneurs held during annual Think India conferences titled ‘Real-Life RoLe Models, where students of premier national institutes like IlTs, lIMs, NIUs etc come face-to-face with the founders of social organisations, who have devoted their lives for bringing up a social change in our society. InterestingLy, after every event, student delegates had sent mails for having an opportunity to work with these social Leaders, which finally in May 2012 transformed into ANUBHOOTI-The Social Internship Programme.

Our Vision

To channelize the energies of Young Intellectuals towards the resurgence of our nation by putting them in service towards its people.

Our Mission

SEWA is the effective tool which supplements & substitutes wherever necessary, the systemic errors and short comings within the society. A number of people have dedicated their lives in service to this nation by serving its people. These Real Life Role Models have changed the lives of many people and have brought smiles in their face and peace in their life.

Our Inspiration

Our Mission is inspired by the words and works of Swami Vivekananda who said, " My God lives in the Masses".
The mighty word that came out from the sky of spirituality in India was 'ANUBHOOTI’ and ours are the only books which declare again and again “The Lord is to be seen." - SWAMI VIVEKANAND


Reminder for the fortunate, of their responsibility towards their less privileged brethren.

Social Change

Bring synergies among the students and crusaders working for a social change.


Create a platform for students to not just understand very closely the various social challenges, but also to contribute in many smaller ways to bring about a change in the lives of some of our own brothers and sisters.


To motivate the individuals & social organizations in their initiatives to inculcate India-centric action, propagation and implementation of thoughts and designs.


To provide a talented pool of youth to increase the effectiveness & efficiency of their on going programs and projects.


To provide a talented pool of youth to increase the effectiveness & efficiency of their on going programs and projects.